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Termination Notice

In regard to the decision of the Company’s Management Board, we would like to inform you about the termination of our activities which in accordance with the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

Please note that no further deposits will be accepted by the Company as of 8th of September 2020, unless such deposits are made for the sole purpose of maintaining your existing trading positions open due to the additional margin requirements. Such an exception will apply for the limited period of time of fifteen (15) days following the publication of this Notice. After the lapse of the fifteen (15) days’ notice, no deposits will be accepted by the Company, irrespective of whether their sole purpose will be the maintenance of existing trading positions open due to margin requirements.

In light of the aforesaid, you are kindly requested to decide whether you want to end your trades and withdraw your funds, or to continue and migrate your trading activities to another investment firm: Triangleview Investments Limited (“Triangleview”), a Cyprus Regulated Entity, with license number 384/20.

To continue your trading send us an email enclosing the signed version of the consent form (hereafter referred to as the “Migration Consent Form”) at support@coverdeal.eu.

In case of failure to provide your decision within the relevant time frame (i.e. fifteen (15) days following the publication of this Notice), kindly note that your account will remain with the Company and you will be provided with additional fifteen (15) days in order to proceed with the closure of any open positions that you may have. Failure to close any open positions following the total lapse of thirty (30) days notice-period following the publication of this Notice will result to the closure of all your open positions at 17:00 GMT+2 08/10/2020 at the market price available at that time, and the transfer of the remaining funds back to your account or credit card, i.e. the payment method which the Company has received your funds.

Advertencia de riesgo: el comercio de CFDs es arriesgado y puede resultar en la pérdida de su capital invertido. Alrededor del 74% de las cuentas de pequeños inversores pierden dinero al negociar con CFDs. Asegúrese de comprender el riesgo que implica y no invierta más de lo que puede perder. Lea la Declaración de divulgación de riesgos completa. El dominio de CoverdealFX opera con Coverdeal Holdings Ltd, la cual está regulada bajo la licencia de CySEC No.231/14.